• Rapid project mobilization and deployment
  • Established logistics and equipment supply chains
  • Regional management platforms
  • Extensive recruitment database
  • Highly qualified, experienced, and fully equipped close protection personnel
  • Anti-terrorism force protection, assessment/analysis, and security information
  • Protection of high risk personnel from terrorist or criminal attack
  • Proven deterrence and response procedures
  • Provision of high quality, cost effective guarding & systems for time sensitive projects
  • International project management expertise with talented and skilled host nation personnel
Canine Security

Canine Security

Ster Security specializes in providing trained canines that are specifically matched to your security needs. Our canines are trained in a passive response (sit) in explosives detection. They are trained to locate numerous odors. Dual trained patrol/detector dogs are available as well, depending on the level of security an agency or client desires. Our canines will be detection certified in the following search areas:

Protective Services

Protective Services

Protective operations are sensitive and require thorough evaluation in order to develop a comprehensive and effective plan of action. Our goal is for our client to be able to proceed with their everyday activities secure in the knowledge that their team of professionals is handling their security needs discreetly and in accordance with the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are working.

  • Escort and travel accompaniment
  • Site security
Oil & Gas Security

Oil & Gas Security

Ster Security has extensive experience in providing oil and gas security services, as well as threat mitigation for a global market. For some of the world’s most recognized oil and gas corporations,  Ster-Vanguard Security has provided complex security analysis and plans, audits and surveys, risk mitigation and site management services.

  • Convoy escort
  • Training of security forces
  • Canine training and services
  • Site security management
  • Personal security
Security Consulting

Security Consulting


Ster Security can assist your organization assess and manage security in every facet of your international operation. Our experience goes beyond the Iraqi borders and some of our operators have extensive experience conducting protective operations in high threat areas of the world that include Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia.

  • Site surveys and risk assesments
  • Specialized intelligence
  • Security plans
  • Site security management
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