Who we are …

About Ster Security

Ster Security is a leading security provider. It provides consulting and planning services, professional security personnel, anti explosive detecting canines, and armored transport vehicles in the KRG

Recognized for the expertise of its personnel, Ster Security is made up of a highly trained and experienced team of professionals who are proficient in the use of various weapons. From personal body armor to lightweight, add-on ballistic protection for vehicles to numerous other security-related products and services, Ster Security has the ability to deliver all security solutions to our clients.

We offer consultation services and operational support to NonGovernmental Organizations as well as to the commercial sector. Ster Security employs operators and instructors selected from among the ranks of former U.S. Special Forces, Special Operations Forces, International Special Operations Forces, and Intelligence and Law Enforcement organizations. We provide our clients with the Ųnest group of professionals available to meet their unique requirements.